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Guidelines for producing accessible printed and electronic information

Good Practice for Emails: General Guidelines

  • Always clearly state who the email is from and give your contact details.
  • Include your Company Registration Number or Charity Number, if relevant, and an email Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.
  • Follow the general guidelines
  • Avoid using Text Speak abbreviations. Screen-reading software will not be able to interpret these.

Groups emails and newsletters

  • Use the BCC field to enable screen-reading software to go straight to the text instead of first reading out the addresses of all recipients. This practice also reduces the risk of spreading viruses or malware.
  • Use the Text Email Newsletter (TEN) Standard for sending Plain Text Newsletters – see www.headstar.com/ten.
  • Use the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) WCAG 2 for sending HTML Newsletters – see www.w3.org/WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative).
  • If you use HTML, Include a link to a webpage with the same content as the HTML Newsletter.
  • Do not send Newsletters to people who have not requested them.
  • Always offer your recipients an opportunity to opt out.

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