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A Brief Guide to Easy Read: Top Tips

Top Tips for writing Easy Read Documents


Things to think about before you start

Who the information is for
What they need to know
Why they need to know
80% of people with a learning disability have communication difficulties



Use short words
Use simple words
Avoid putting more than one idea in a sentence
Stick to concrete ideas
Try to use I, we, you
Try to use the present tense
Try not to use jargon or long, hard words
If you must use a hard word, explain what it means



Write numbers in figures
Use a clock to illustrate time



Write short sentences
Keep your documents short
Don’t miss anything important



Pictures should support the meaning of the words
Pictures must be easy to understand
Pictures can be drawings, photographs or other images
Make pictures as big as possible
Where possible use pictures that have a meaning for the person or group of people.  For example, use pictures that are local



Use a large font size (at least 14 point)
Use plenty of white space
Use Ariel font
Use one colour of print
Use clear headings



Once you have written your document read it out loud.  Can you get rid of more words?
Discuss the draft with a group of people who might use it.  Make agreed changes and take it back to the group for agreement.

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