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2. A Brief Guide to Easy Read: Two Kinds of Documents

There are two kinds of Easy Read documents.

Group 1:  for the general population

These include documents that will be used by a lot of people.  They may be an easy version of a more complex document.

Example:  an easy read version of an Act of Parliament

Or, the easy read version may be the only one produced.

Example:  a voluntary organisation supporting adults with a learning disability decides to make all its documents in easy read

Group 2:  personalised

These include documents written for one person or, a small group of people. For example, people who share the same house.  The words will be about that person or group and the pictures may be photographs of people and places that they know.

Example:  the kind of support that a person needs

Some types of information are so specific they are going to be of use to only a handful of people.  Instead of spending money on an easy read version, maybe you could simply speak to these people over the phone or in person.

It is likely that it will be preferable to speak to people in person, possibly using easy read information to help the discussion.

Example:  how to do a job

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