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About SAIF

About the Scottish Accessible Information Forum (SAIF)

The Scottish Accessible Information Forum (SAIF) was set up to take forward the recommendations made by the Scottish Working Group on Information Services for Disabled People and Carers in its final report Enabling Information (1995).

SAIF aims to make information accessible to everyone who needs it. SAIF does this by raising awareness and understanding of the importance of accessible information and by providing a range of guidance, advice and practical support to information providers across Scotland.

SAIF Delivery Plan Aims for 2014 to 2017

  • Raise awareness & understanding about accessible information
  • Promote greater understanding of how poorly provided information can further marginalise vulnerable people in society
  • Represent the interests of people who need information in different formats
  • Influence policy and service provision to better meet the needs of users and carers by their needs
  • Provide tools, materials and training to help public agencies, third sector organisations and others to meet the information needs of a diverse range of service users and carers
  • Reduce health inequalities by breaking down information barriers
  • Increase the involvement of users and carers in care management and the design and delivery of healthcare and other public services
  • Contribute to the efficiency and quality of the healthcare experience by improving the understanding of accessible information
  • Act in an advisory role for government


The Forum develops links and partnerships with key agencies including:

  • general information providers
  • specialist disability information providers
  • local authorities
  • Scottish Government
  • voluntary organisations and charitable trusts
  • further and higher education institutions
  • the private sector.

We work hard to encourage organisations to develop information strategies, policies and practices which take account of the needs of disabled people and carers.

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